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James Wallman
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I’ve written two bestselling nonfiction books that have brought critical yet hidden problems in our societies to light.


“James Wallman is the Malcolm Gladwell of today's Experience Economy. He brings together the best of social science research with insights and stories relayed with wit and verve”

/  joe Pine, co-author, The experience economy  /


The Problem of Too Little Time

time and how to spend it (penguin, 2019)

My latest book is surfacing the huge, latent problem faced by millions of us today: the problem of too little time.

Released in the UK in April 2019, Time And How To Spend It shot to:

  • #1 in Business Motivation Skills

  • #1 in Business Time Management Skills

  • #1 in New Age Thought & Practice.

It’s also a top 10 bestseller on Amazon. Its highest rank, out of all books sold on the site, is #8 so far. Actually, the book was so popular in its first week, Amazon ran out of copies.

Time And How To Spend It reveals why we feel we have so little time. It contains an answer to this problem: a science-based checklist that people can use to be happier and more successful.

This framework is ideal for any business that wants to design and deliver exceptional experiences.


“Compelling… timely… persuasive”

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The problem of too much stuff


My first book surfaced the huge, latent problem faced by millions in the mid 2010s: the problem of too much stuff.

This was the first book to describe the shift in our society’s value system that accompanies the Experience Economy, i.e., that we are moving from materialism to ‘experientialism’: instead of looking for happiness, status and meaning in material goods, we’re finding happiness, status and meaning in experiences instead.

Stuffocation also featured a call to arms: if you want to be happier, spend less on stuff, and more on experiences instead.

Stuffocation peaked at #3 on Amazon.