James Wallman
James Wallman
Author, experience designer, futurist, keynote speaker

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Typical topics include:

  • the Experience Economy

  • How to Design Better Experiences

  • the Future of Retail

  • the Future of Financial Services

  • the Future of the City

A futurist since 2004, with a global team of researchers supporting my work, I’m able to not only discern trends within your industry, but also trends from outside your industry, and the impact they will have on your industry.



The problem of too much stuff

Stuffocation (self-published 2013; published by Penguin, 2015) surfaced the huge, latent problem faced by millions in the early to mid 2010s: the problem of too much stuff.

This was the first book to describe the shift in our society’s value system that accompanies the Experience Economy. We are moving from materialism to ‘experientialism’: instead of looking for happiness, status and meaning in material goods, we’re finding happiness, status and meaning in experiences instead.

Stuffocation also featured a call to arms: if you want to be happier, spend less on stuff, and more on experiences instead.